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Three Compelling Reasons Why to Deny Yourself, Carry Your Cross and Follow Christ (Mark 8 vs 35-38
Preaching Through Mark
Speaker : Pastor Newton Chilingulo
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Experience the transformative power of God's Word at Reformation Bible Church. Join us for today's inspiring sermon and discover a deeper relationship with Christ.

Three Compelling Reasons Why to Deny Yourself, Carry Your Cross and Follow Christ (Mark 8 vs 35-38

How Discipling Can Lead to Personal Holiness

Three Non Negotibale Terms of Following Christ Pt 2 (Mark 8 vs 34-38)

Overcoming Barriers and Excuses of Discipling

Three Non Negotiable Terms of Following Christ (Mark 8 vs 34 - 38)

Motivation for Discipling (Bible Hour Teaching)

Three things regarding the distress of a righteous man

Loving and Serving

Fear of Harm

A God who Judges and saves

He does all things well

The fear of Rejection. part 2

Weak Woman, Strong Faith

Dealing with anger

Technology addiction

General addictions

The fear of man and identity in Christ

Speaker :



How our speech exposes our hearts

The heart of the problem

Fear of Rejection

Fear of exposure

Traditions are not commands

Mark 6 vs 45-56

The fear of God

Matters of First Importance (Mark 8 vs 27-33)

Sacrificial Living (Romans 12 vs1-2)

Discipleship (Bible Hour Teaching)

The Gift of Christmas

The Grace of Christmas

Two Things About Jesus That Should Help Focus Our Attention On Him

Seventh Day Adventist (Bible Hour Teaching)

The First Gospel Promise

The Mormons-Part 2 (Bible Hour Teaching)




Spiritual Blindness-Part 3

The Jehovah's Witnesses (Bible Hour Teaching)




The Stewardship of the Great Commission

Catholicism ( Bible Hour Teaching)

The Stewardship of Riches, Wealth and Possessions

Discipleship ( Bible Hour Teaching)

Sacrificial Living (Romans 12 vs 1-2)

Mark 6v45-56 Pt 1

Psalm 15

Motivation for Faithful Service


From Sadness To Sweetness Through The Cross Of Christ

Three Truths About False Teachers To Know In Order To Guide Yourselves Against Their Deception

Evangelism and the Believer

How Can You Describe Your Relationship With Christ

Spiritual Growth

Enter The Narrow Gate

What is the Church

2 Reasons That Cause Many People To Drift Away From Christianity

A Sure Faith In Christ Coming

Gifted for Ministry

Three Realities About The Principle Of Reminder To take To Heart

The Handwriting On The Wall

The Believer and Prayer

Inspite Of The Difficulty

Inspite Of The Difficulty

The Person and Work Of The Holy Spirit

The Secret To True Joy

The Subject Of Salvation

Growing In Godliness is God's Call For You

The Principle Of Proclamation

Three Principles To Help Us Live Lives On Mission With Jesus

The Person Of Jesus Christ

The Struggle Of All Struggles

Attributes of God

Who Then Is This?

The Gift Nobody Wants

God's Hand in the Ordinary

A Mark of True Christians




The Works of Christ

Three Things We Must do to be Used of God

Contentment of Singleness

Purity of Singleness

We believe in using our gifts and resources to further God's kingdom and make a positive impact in the world. This is why we strive to be faithful stewards of what has been entrusted to us, using our time, talent, and treasure to serve others and advance God's purposes.
Matthew 25:40